MODEL : Under Vehicle Search System


Under Vehicle Search System

Model :

It consists of colour Camera with IR. The camera adapts to low light conditions. It's able to change from colour to black and white in Low-Light. Camera can be Manually Moved for 360 with tilt. It comes with Hi-resolution LCD Screen with 12 VDC with charger. The charger is made to with stand fluctuation from 90V to 270 V with adequate battery protection.Telescopic extension extending up to 180 cm, with non-rotational, lightweight, aluminium pole with rubber grip and arm rest. The system is modular design to allow the operator to quickly change from under vehicle search mode to Pole cam Mode. (No tools should be required to change from one mode to another.) Manual swivel and tilt function make it easy for the operator to point the camera in any direction off the end of the pole.

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